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It all started 18 months ago when my wife and I bought a house, not quite a fixer-upper but needing some modifications nonetheless, and we happily set about shopping around for materials and contractors. On our wish list was a new kitchen, updated bathrooms and new floors. To start. Within a few days we quickly realised how our small budget was barely enough to cover even the first item on our list. My wife, having been a single parent for several years and having honed an ability to scour the city for deals, not surprisingly managed to find exactly what we needed for prices well below what you can find at the retail stores. However, this was at the cost of several phone calls and many kilometers in our car. Not to mention several evenings and weekends visiting suppliers for the right piece and price. In our search, as I am sure many of you have experienced, we discovered that the deals aren’t always obvious. You have to be very persistent and curious about everything you see. Sometimes another customer wants the same piece of quartz countertop as you do but does not need the whole piece. So that got me thinking. If we were out there spending hours and driving for kilometers looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack- there must be a better way. There must be thousands of other home owners in every city looking to renovate their home on a budget. And if we had to purchase more material that we needed because that’s how it came, there was no easy way to dispose of the extra. And it sits in the garage or basement for months or years. Searching for a local contractor was not any easier. Word of mouth was the only thing we trusted – but we only have so many friends who have done some renovations and could recommend someone. What better than to create a local “community” of contractors and be able to rate them. Hence, www.take2reno.com was born. It took close to 14 months to build and in that time we have learned so much more about renovations.
Listing ID: 59
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